Tomcat® Hero V2.0 Premium Walk Behind Scrubber - 34" Disk, 310 AH Wet

Tomcat® Hero V2.0 Premium Walk Behind Scrubber - 34" Disk, 310 AH Wet

Item # TC264V2-34TD

  • Disk benefits include largest brush/pad selection, lowest maintenance cost, best performance on irregular floors, and brushes individually driven.
  • Chassis construction: 3/16" steel powder coated; Disk motor: 1.0 HP, 350 rpm
  • Brush down pressure: UP to 185 lbs actuator rating; System voltage: 24 VDC
  • Run time: UP to 5.0 hours; Power: 0.75 HP all gear/sealed
  • Solution tank: 30 Gal. w/graduated site tube
  • Solution flow/filter: 0-1.0 GPM/stainless inline (0-4 LPM)
  • Recovery tank: 32 Gal. - 1.5" drain hose; Demisting chamber: 1.25 Gal.
  • Drain saver: 30 cubic inches; Vacuum Power: 0.8 HP/3 stage/5.7"
  • Waterlift/Airflow: 68"/72 cfm; Brush/Pad: (2) 17"
34" Disk, 310 AH Wet, ea
Alternate #264V2-34TD

Tank tips back without tools, providing easy top side access to all important service items. Large clear recovery tank lid provides the operator with a real time view of the dirty water level, foam, debris tray, the vacuum's white dust filter and more. The fully accessible recovery tank is easily our most significant feature for cost reduction. Open the lid to clean out the recovery tank, eliminating odors and other contaminants which can become airborne and inhaled by employees.


  • A feature you will not find elsewhere is our stainless baffle wall that controls foam in the recovery tank. The dirty water passes into our drain saver basket, and then fills up the rear side of the baffle such that the foam doesn't migrate to the front
  • The stainless screen and white vacuum filter offer additional protection. These are the first of several steps taken to ensure good airflow (squeegee performance) and protecting the vacuum motor from moisture.
  • The black bandeau is vacuumized and holds 1-gallon of foam or dirty water away from the vac motor, backing gup the premary filters and balls screens.
  • The "unloader" valve automatically drains off any residual water when vac is OFF.
  • The yellow muffler box both reduces the noise and also directs any digested water out a tube, to alert the operator to a problem.


  • Front Wheels: (2) 12" x 2.75" solid black
  • Rear Casters: (2) 5" x 2" non-marking grey
  • Forward Speed: 0-290 ft/min/0-3.3 mph
  • Scrubbing Speed: 0-229 ft/min/0-2.6 mph
  • Reverse Speed: 0-202 ft/min/0-2.3 mph
  • Productivity: Theoretical: UP to 33,932 sq ft/hr; Practical: Up to 15,784 sq ft/hr
  • Size: 55" L x 26" W x 40" H