Timberline M20 Traction Walk-Behind Medium Floor Scrubber - 20" Disk

Timberline M20 Traction Walk-Behind Medium Floor Scrubber - 20" Disk

Item # TCTPM20D

  • Additional productivity and capacity on a mid-sized walk behind scrubber.
  • Solution tank: 16 Gal.; Recovery tank: 16 Gal.; Demisting chamber: 1 Gal.
  • Run time: Up to 2.5 hours; Theoretical coverage: 28,000 sq ft/hr
  • Practical coverage: 12,800 sq ft/hr; 53" L x 29" W x 38.5" H
20" Disk, ea
Alternate #TM20D

The 20" disk style scrub brush is installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between different brushes or pads, depending upon the application's needs. The squeegee blades can be rotated or flipped without tools. Nimble enough to clean congested areas with ease, but durably built on a steel frame to last years. Pass easily through small doorways or elevators, with this versatile and durable platform.


  • Steel frame construction and durable components.
  • Simplify maintenance with easy access to the battery and recovery tank.
  • Traction drive speed controlled with easy to use drive speed control thumb dial.
  • Easily operate and maneuver with push button forward and toggle reverse.
  • Clean any hour of the day with approved sound levels <67 dBA.
  • Increase productivity with over 2.5 hours of run time between dump and refill.
  • Off-the-shelf toggles, switches, gauges, and mechanical levers to allow easy operator training and potential repairs.
  • To protect the vacuum motor from intaking moisture, our equipment has five individual protective barriers. Intake curtain, shield, stainless vac screen-ball float, white mesh filter, stainless screen.