Windsor® Taz Deluxe w/Orb Technology

Windsor® Taz Deluxe w/Orb Technology

Item # WIN9.841-231.0

  • Cleans carpet, stone, tile and grout, wood, vinyl, concrete, epoxy, and other surfaces.
  • Cleaning path: 17"-21" diameter
  • Pad RPM: 1725 rpm (CW), 3/8" dia. 80 rpm (CW)
  • Horse power: 1; Solution Pump: 90 PSI
Alternate #98412310

Orbital agitation requires less time, water, chemical, and heat. Designed so that the pad has 100% contact with the floor. Orbital technology reduces splash factor when compared to a rotary machine.


  • Low handle vibration design makes this machine easy to use and prevents operator fatigue.
  • One cartridge bottle of chemical lasts up to 1000 sq ft on carpet, 3000-5000 sq ft on hard floors.
  • One absorbent carpet pad covers up to 700 sq ft depending upon the condition of the floor; pads can be machine washed.
  • Ergonomic, vertical handle is adjustable for different operator heights and folds down for ease of transportation.
  • No tools are needed for pad replacement.
  • Carpet: Our low-moisture system has been engineered to clean for quick drying and more immediate use. Maintaining your carpet with our low-chemical system will provide a more consistent appearance for your facility. Our carpet pads are oversized to all
  • Concrete cleaning. Eliminate excessive waste and harsh chemicals to remove the heavy soil that has settled deep down in the concrete pores and crevices. Mount the scrub brush with the weight kit, and witness the Taz action pick and lift away the grease
  • Stone. A water only process to grind, hone, and polish stone floors.
  • Tile & Grout. The Taz cleans tile and grout quickly, effectively, and without the use of excessive water and harsh chemicals. The brush used for tile and grout is soft enough that it will not scratch the floors yet is effective enough to scrub away toug
  • VCT. Chemical-Free Stripping! The Taz is perfect for all of your chemical-free stripping needs. Use our chemical free pad to remove the floor finish with only water, no chemicals needed. The Taz's unique orbital action makes it possible to strip wax i
  • Ergonomic vertical handle grips for easy operation.
  • Thumb-touch control button system.
  • Quick-connect cord.
  • Easy fold-down system.
  • Self-priming system.
  • 3 gallon cartridge bottle system.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Easy flip-base.
  • Base foot rest.
  • Adjustable jets.
  • 10" wheels.
  • 17" pad driver base.